Installing Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT)

If you already have ACT installed then please go down to the “Download the plugin” section below.

First you need to download the ACT program from this location.  You want the “Advanced Combat Tracker – Setup” link.

Now open the exe file you downloaded.

Follow the instructions on the ACT installation wizard, making sure you state that ACT will not be parsing EQ II log files.

Now go to the “Download the plugin” section below.

Download the plugin

If you already have ACT installed then you just need to download the SWL plugin from the ACT download site.  You want the “TSW Parsing Plugin” link, it works for TSW and SWL.

Start ACT and go to the Plugins tab.  Click the “Browse” button and select the SecretParser.cs file you just downloaded.  Now press the “Add/Enable Plugin” button.

Make sure that the “Enabled” checkbox to the bottom right of the SecretParser.cs area is ticked.  Also make sure that the “Enabled” checkbox for any other game plugins are not ticked.

Download the in-game addon

The Secret World combat log is missing any information on the exact time combat starts/stops.  If you want to get the most accurate parses then you should install the TSWACT flash addon in your SWL game.  This will allow fights such as “Ur-Druag” in Polaris to be captured as 1 long encounter.  Without the addon this fight is usually split into n different encounters, i.e. 1 for the time between blue phases.  If you have decided to do without the in-game addon then go to the Troubleshooting page and follow all the instructions.

Download the addon from SecretUI.

Extract the TSWACT directory from the zip file and copy it into the \Data\Gui\Custom\Flash directory below your SWL game folder.

Now follow the steps on the Troubleshooting page to finish your installation.


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