Using the plugin

Why use Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) and the SWL plugin?  Why aren’t there any in-game DPS meters for SWL?  There are a few in game DPS meters, but unfortunately they can only show your own DPS.  If you want to see the DPS of the whole group/raid then you need to use an external combat log parser.  The other benefit of ACT is that it allows you to review your performance in detail after the dungeon/raid is finished.  This is a great way to help improve your performance.

The ACT plugin will only work if you have:

  1. ACT running
  2. Combat logging enabled

You can enable combat logging by typing the following command in the TSW chat:

English client
/logcombat on

French client
/compterendu on

German client
/kampfaufz an

If you want to turn combat logging on always then read this forum link.  Just remember to clean up the old CombatLog*.txt files from your main SWL folder occasionally.

Now if you go and kill a few mobs and then alt-tab to the ACT window you should see your parse under the Main tab.

Alt-tabbing in/out of the game to see ACT is a pain, so the plugin supports 2 scripts to show your parse in game.  If you want to view the parse yourself then just type /act in the SWL chat window.  This will open the in-game browser on a page showing your latest parse.  If you want to spam share your results with the whole group then type /actchat in the SWL chat window.  Make sure you are in the correct chat channel before entering the /actchat command.  When in a PUG group please do not use the /actchat command unless someone asks to see their parse.

If you are lucky enough to have a Logitech gaming keyboard with an LCD mini-screen then make sure you get ACT to publish your parse results to your keyboard.  Just check the “Enable the LCD Display” option in the LCD Display Options of the ACT Options tab.


2 thoughts on “Using the plugin

  1. I am not able to view the parse in chat – when I type /act in the chat window I get the message “command is missing parameters”. under help it shows “Act out your message to a large audience. Syntax: /act message”

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